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Hi! I’m Tracy

I believe that anyone passionate about a life of wellness is already dedicated enough to help others, and naturally already does. But they don’t always know the best way to build a business around that passion.If you want to learn how you can build your life around that passion, then you are in the right place!I am here to help you live your life at your highest potential!

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How to get started with essential oils?

69% of consumers look to natural products to improve some part of their life.

Anyone passionate about a life of wellness is already dedicated enough to help others, and naturally already does. But they don’t always know the best way to build a business around that passion.

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What makes a great business partner?

When you partner with me, we will train you to build the best business for your unique gifts, centered around promoting the top health products on the market. You’ll get access to state-of-the-art wellness products you can both use yourself and provide for your clients, enhancing your business and enhancing their lives.

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How Can Essential Oils Change Your Life?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants and it’s really hard to deny their incredible powers. In addition to their amazing smells, essential oils also have hundreds of therapeutic and aromatic qualities.

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Ignite The Powerful Person Inside

Live Well

The universe conspires in your favor when you are true to your heart and when you are honest about what you desire. read more >

Purpose Driven

doTERRA offers both the chance to build a successful business that can lead to your financial freedom, increase your knowledge of essential oil health benefits and allow you to help your friends, family and customers lead healthier lives. read more >​

Financial Freedom

After 5 years of business, 80% of doTERRA partners are still active. Industry retention rates for other similar companies are only 15%. read more >

Testimonials of people like you that i have helped

Jeanne McMurry


I am beyond blessed that GOD put Tracy Lyman in my life! She saw me doing doTERRA as a business before I saw myself doing doTERRA as a business! She has been there to hold my hand when I needed it and to let me fly when I needed to discover things on my own.I am forever grateful that she has always believed in me and has been there to cheer me on. Steve and Tracy are always there to lend a hand, make a phone call, and to help where is needed. They have bonded with our whole team with continuing education. I love the Lyman’s for who they are and for always being there to lift me up n believing in me!!!

Alicia Stephens

HC, Founder of Love thy 

Health Co.


Having partners such as Tracy & Steve has been an incredible asset to my growing business within doTERRA. If you are looking for the kind of people that will love & support you through ups and downs, these are your people. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with both of them as they both offer so much incredible value to my life. Tracy, as a woman, mom and career minded woman gets me. She listens and yet offers incredible support and always encourages me to seek the answer within, always making me a better person. Steve is such a smart savvy business guy. He has such great business insight yet also is such a people person, always happy to make you laugh or pick you up when you are feeling a little lost. Together they are an amazing powerful couple, yet no matter how much successes they have, I know they will always stay true to who they are.

When I decided to go Diamond in 2015, Tracy & Steve were there for me every step of the way. While I tend me to be pretty independent and not need a lot of hand holding, they really made sure that I felt and had their support as needed. They wanted my goals and dreams to happen just as if I was their own. Growing and building your own business is not always an easy thing to do, however, when you surround yourself with incredible people like Tracy & Steve, you know you can’t go wrong in this. They will give you the tools, guidance and support to make sure that your personal & financial goals fall into line because your goals become their goals.

I am thankful to have such an amazing business within doTERRA and such incredible partners that keep me always on my toes, growing as a person and pushing for what my heart desires.

Kelli Sukut

Back to Basics with

Kelli Sukut


Working with Tracy has honestly been EXACTLY what I have needed to grow into the woman I am today. When I first met her I had NO clue who I was, what I could become, and how many lives were waiting to be changed by the power waiting to flow out from me. She saw in me things I didn’t know existed, she reminded me of my vision and purpose when I wanted to run and hide, and she never stopped believing in me. I really believe that her coaching, persistence and patience with me has allowed my greatness to emerge. I owe so much to Tracy and I am so grateful for the questions she’s asked me that have really been a mirror into my heart so I could fully chase after the future. THANK YOU TRACY!!!!

Tracy’s Blog

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