14 day + Whole Food Cleanse

<h2><span style=”font-size: 18pt;”><span style=”color: #ffcc00;”>Reboot</span> and <span style=”color: #ff6600;”>Renew</span> your <span style=”color: #00ccff;”>Health</span></span></h2><p>Wholefood Cleanse</p><h3><strong>IN 14 DAYS YOU WILL:</strong></h3><p><span style=”color: #ab225a;”><strong>DITCH<br /></strong></span>Wheat, Sugar, Dairy, Unhealthy Bacteria &amp; Candida in your gut &amp; Excess Weight</p><p><span style=”color: #ab225a;”><strong>EAT<br /></strong></span>Whole foods, Fruits, Veggies, Whole grains, (and yes you will get to have some treats… healthy ones of course!)</p><p><span style=”color: #ab225a;”><strong>REPLACE<br /></strong></span>Good bacteria in your gut, Building blocks of Nutrition, Essential Nutrients &amp; Core Vitality</p><p><span style=”color: #ab225a;”><strong>EXPERIENCE<br /></strong></span><strong><span style=”color: #00ccff;”>A NEW SELF!</span> </strong></p><p><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>About our Detox:</strong></span></p><ul><li>Program Starts the first Monday of every month</li><li>You will receive a welcome email within 1-2 days of you registering</li><li>You will receive your first email the last Friday of the month prior to the start of the detox</li></ul><p> </p><p><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>What you learn:</strong></span></p><ul><li>Why wholefoods matter. A guide to cleansing your body and choices that will get you results that last.</li><li>Learn how emotions trigger unhealthy eating habits and how to get over sugar cravings.</li><li>Supplements! Learn why we supplement with whole foods during weight loss and what supplements get the fastest, long lasting results.</li><li>14 days to a maintainable you.</li></ul><p> </p><p><span style=”color: #ff9900;”><strong>What you will get:</strong></span></p><ul><li>14 day wholefood program slim and sassy book</li><li>Wholefood Detox Recipes</li><li>Day by Day Guidance</li><li>Series of video trainings with Nutrition coaches,</li><li>Online support for daily motivation</li></ul><h2> </h2><h2>All this for <span style=”color: #993300;”>$89</span></h2><p><strong>Email </strong><a draggable=”false” href=”mailto:info@tracylyman.com”><strong>info@tracylyman.com</strong></a> <strong>to register</strong> <strong>For all Team Essential Oil Revolution members go to </strong><a draggable=”false” href=”http://www.essentialoilrevolution.com”><strong>www.essentialoilrevolution.com</strong></a> <strong>TEAM Tab to register.</strong> <span style=”color: #993300;”><strong>Supplements needed for the cleanse:</strong></span>   Supplements are a 30-90 day supply depending on the product When you’re stuck and you can’t get to where you want to go, it’s time to shake it up a little! A Detox coupled with nutritional support has been one of the best ways my clients have gotten the best results and accomplished their health goals.</p><ul><li><strong>Prep Week </strong>which will help ease you into your Plan, where you will start learning, planning, setting your goals and connecting with other participants.</li><li>A guided <strong>14 Day Reboot New Eating Plan  </strong>where you will be eating healthy meals and whole food snacks each day</li><li><strong> 14 days of Supportive Materials </strong>from me, including videos, handouts, shopping list, recipes and action steps that will be delivered to your inbox daily</li><li><strong> 14-day supply of healthy, delicious Slim &amp; Sassy breakfast smoothies and Essential Oil Blends </strong>to help you start your Detox and aid in transition –</li></ul><p> </p><p>these are so good you’ll never stop drinking or ingesting them!</p><ul><li><strong> A one month supply of THE BEST food nutrient complex </strong>formulas WITH certified pure essential oils to help with digestion, absorbtion, inflammation, energy and cleansing (I wouldn’t do it any other way)</li><li><strong> A one month supply of THE best Essential Oil Bi-Omega Complex </strong>in North America (yes that’s right, higher cellular and brain function AND top notch</li></ul><p> </p><p>Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils –</p><ul><li><strong> A one month supply of essential oils to help your GI tract and liver cleanse</strong></li><li><strong> Shopping lists &amp; some of my favorite recipes </strong>that you can personalize towards your tastes which will help you learn exactly which foods are enjoyable and yet still keep you healthy</li><li><strong> Food charts, handouts, </strong>and tons of other resources which will help you continue on with your healthy, energetic direction</li><li><strong> A Community </strong>to connect with other like-minded people participating in my 14 day detox  Program for support, ideas and motivation All online!</li></ul><p> </p><p><span style=”color: #ff6600;”><strong>YOUR PRICE 319.00</strong></span>      </p><address><span style=”color: #000000;”>***Want to take it to a 90 day plan?? We go that too! Just ask me how to participate in the new series Terrafit with me as your 90 day personal coach! For more info on that program email me at <span style=”color: #cc0066;”><a draggable=”false” href=”mailto:Essential2liv@gmail.com”>Essential2liv@gmail.com</a></span></span></address>

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