7 Tips to Financial Freedom

July is a time for celebration!  We are surrounded by parties, parades, fireworks, BBQ’s, and festivals. July is all about celebrating our country, service men and women, and the freedoms that everyone in this great country has.  When you think about freedom in this country what do you think of?One of the freedoms that I am most grateful for is the freedom to create a business the way I want to and have financial freedom through this business.  Network marketing has been an amazing way for me to create the life that I want to have with my husband and kids.I love to show other people how they can create this financial freedom, and I want to share with you 7 tips to help you on your way to financial freedom through network marketing.Get to know the company. Every company is different and has a different pay structure, support team, vision, and goals.  Find a company that you think will work well for you, and get to know the history of the company.Pick who you want to work with. Network marketing companies have different teams or up lines.  These are people who have started the business before you and will help support you with your business.  I like to think of these people as mentors.  My mentor, Melyna happens to be one of my good friends.  She is the one who introduced me to doTERRA, and she has been such a support.  Make sure you are picking a mentor who is involved, supportive, and will help you create the type of business that you want.Educate yourself! In the beginning I started with doTERRA because I was looking for a natural way to help my family.  Essential oils were a great way for me to do this.  After using them personally I really wanted to start sharing what I had learned with others.  In contrast I have seen people start with network marketing trying to build a business and not getting to know the product!  You need to know the product you are promoting within your business.  Do some research, take some classes, and personally use the product.Be willing to share. Of course we all know that network marketing is about sharing with others.  Sharing the product and introducing it to others is part of the business.  But network marketing is also about sharing with other network marketers.  Be a joy to work with and be open to sharing what is working well for you.  Others will remember your sharing nature and return the favor.Know your “WHY”. Why do you want to create a business?  Do you have a financial need?  Do you have a passion for the product?  Are you helping out a friend?  Know your why and what is motivating you to succeed.  You will hit roadblocks and stagnant times in your business, and it is always helpful to remember your WHY.

Take care of your people. The people that you sign up tothis  join the business are known as your “down line”.  You will be their “up line” or mentor.  It is important to sign up people that you want to work with and mentor.  It will be THEIR business just like it is your own.  They will need guidance and direction, but mostly encouragement.  This is all about long term relationships that you are willing to train, support, and give guidance to.Treat it as a business. This is a business!!  So many times I see people get frustrated and fail because they see network marketing as a hobby.  Just like any business you need to take time to nurture and grown your business.   When I first started I would use my baby’s nap time to get a lot of my work done.  Work on your business every day.I hope that these 7 tips will help you be able to find a way to get closer to your financial freedom.  If you are interested in looking into doTERRA as a business and working with me as your mentor check out my website Tracylyman.com for more information.  I would love to get in touch with you, and help you find out your “WHY”.  Let’s all remember the freedoms that we have in this country and take advantage of the ability to find our way to a successful way of life.

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