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Are you truly Grateful?

Are you truly Grateful?

The family has come and gone, the leftovers are sitting in the fridge, and my heart is filled with gratitude for the many experiences, people, and things that I have in my life. I think that this is always a time that we all reflect on the things we are grateful for. But do we ever do anything about the gratitude that we are feeling?

We feel gratitude in our lives when we acknowledge that we are a recipient of a benefit that comes from a source outside ourselves. Oftentimes we feel that gratitude, but we keep it to ourselves. Gertrude Stein has said, “silent gratitude isn’t very much help to anyone.” How true that is!!

I would love to challenge you to do a couple of things this holiday season to help show others your gratitude.

1-Write a list of people that have helped you out. This can be in work, social, or personal life. Think of the people who have been an impact to you, and have been an influence to you. This doesn’t have to be people that are even in your life right now. Think of those people in your childhood that helped shape your life.

2-Write why they are on the list. Describe their nature, and a certain experience that you have had with the person that you feel gratitude towards.

3-Write a note of gratitude. Take the time to write to this person to let them know how they have impacted you and why you feel gratitude for them.

Sometimes this is a quick and easy process, but with some people it will take a bit of time and effort to be able to express your feelings, or even be able to find the person. TAKE THE TIME!!! You will never regret expressing gratitude.

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” – Alfred North Whitehead

Her Voice-Beth Moug

Her Voice – Beth Moug

One of the things I love best about my job is being able to work with some very talented people.  I find passion and inspiration in the people I work with.  In this series, “Her Voice”, I get to introduce some of these very inspiring women and have them tell you in their own words how they found their passions.This month I would like to introduce you to Beth Moug.  As Beth and I have been working together, I have found her to be a woman who truly cares for others, has a passion for life, and a love of learning.  I have always admired these traits about Beth and find her drive for life inspiring.  I will let Beth tell you more about where this drive comes from:

“Thanks so much Tracy! I am so thrilled to be able to be a part of this series.  Let me first start out by telling you a little bit about what was going on in my life a couple of years ago.About 2 years ago, I reached a critical point in my life. I was a stay-at-home mom, with 2 young children and a husband “bringing home the bacon”. I realized that once my children were in school I would need to return to a corporate job.  The thought crushed me.  I didn’t want to return to the passionless “grind” after experiencing incredible freedom being home with my children.  I still had a few years to find something that would create an income, and allow me the freedom to which I’d become accustom.I was then introduced to doTERRA essential oils & quickly incorporated them into every aspect of our lives possible.  I knew there was an income opportunity possible through sharing the oils with others (which I was already doing naturally), and decided this was going to be it for me.  I am happy to say that I will not be returning to the “grind” AND I get to still have the freedom that comes with being at home.I am currently looking for those interested in natural health, that would like to create an income in the next 6-12 months by committing to about 10-20 hours a week, by helping others incorporate natural solutions into their lifestyle.-Trainings via phone & webinar, do not need to be local to me.-Willing to join my mentoring program to learn the steps to success in doTERRA, including weekly mentor and team calls.-Daily personal development, including a few specific books to read over the next 6 months.-Income varies depending on performance, consistency, & personal ownership. If interested, please contact me at  This is a special opportunity and I only have a couple key positions available in my mentoring program. In your response, tell me a little about yourself, your work history, and what you are looking to create for your future.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you Beth for sharing that with us.  I hope that you can find your voice through your passions and work!

Massive Action Needed

Massive Action Needed

Recently I was sitting in a restaurant and heard two women talking about the best way to approach men.  One of the women was encouraging the other to get the courage to just go up and strike up a conversation.  The shy woman said, “I can’t do that.  What if he doesn’t want to talk to me?  What if he is married or in a relationship?”  Her friend said, “Sometimes it takes a few seconds of insane courage, and you never know…it might change your life.”This isn’t my first time hearing that sometimes it takes a few seconds of insane courage, but it got me thinking about my own life.  I am a bold person who is willing to take risks, seize a new opportunity, and go into uncharted territory.  But this year my life needed some massive action to be taken.My husband, Steve and I decided that to take our business to the next level we were going to move our family across country to a new area.  We would be taking our family from family, neighbors, and a school that we all loved, and going to an area that we had never even visited before.

To make the decision to move was one of those, “few seconds of courage” moments.  We were both excited for the new adventure and the opportunities that lay ahead, but then reality of the move set in.  I started to make a list of everything that needed to be done for us to move.  Instantly I felt the insane courage drain from me, and I became overwhelmed.After a couple of days of stress I realized “We got this!  Massive Action is needed sometimes to have massive results.”  I am a huge believer that you can create the life that you want to live.  You can create this life by being willing to take the steps necessary.  If you want to be a bodybuilder, and you are currently eating fast food 3 meals a day and not working out, then you have some massive action that needs to be taken.  Are you willing to do it?

There are a couple of tips I have to help you be able to take massive action steps in your own life.-Think about the benefits in taking those steps and write them down.Being able to write down how are lives would benefit from the move was awesome for me because when I would doubt if this was a good choice, I would go back and look at the list.  I would gain my confidence in our decision again and be able to move forward.-Make a vision board of what your life could be if you accomplish the massive actionI love visuals and I love being able to see what we are making of our lives by taking massive action, both professionally and personally.-Break it down into small steps that can be accomplished in a timely manner.I took our decision to move and broke it down into steps that could be accomplished.  Some of them took a couple of minutes, and some took more than a month.  At the end of each week Steve and I could look at our list of small steps that we accomplished and could see that we both got a lot done!-Be willing to adjust when things don’t work out exactly as you planned.Sometimes when things don’t work out exactly like we plan, we feel like a failure and give up. Keep going!  You never know when something better is just around the corner.  We had a hard time finding a place to live.  We talked to a lot of people are really tried to find the best home for our family.  We thought we had the perfect house and I was so excited about it.  When it fell through I felt ready to call the whole thing off.  But in the last week before the move, a house became available that has proven to be perfect for our family.

-Ask for help, and be willing to accept help when it is offered.Massive action steps don’t have to be taken alone.  Ask for help when you need it, and if it is something that you truly need to do alone, ask for support and encouragement.  Most people in your life are rooting for you to succeed, use it to your advantage.I hope that you can take that few seconds of insane courage and turn it into massive action steps that will enable you to create the life you want to live.

Motivate Yourself!

Motivate Yourself!

In high school I ran cross country for my high school, and I was really good at it!  I was the star of the team my freshman and sophomore year, but then something interesting happened my junior year.  Some younger girls were on the team and our coach started to compare us all to each other.  This was his way of motivating the team to try harder.  We would come in from a run and he would say, “Tracy I can’t believe you let a freshman pass you.”   This was crushing to me, and I felt a heavy weight come over me every time he would compare me to other girls.  I became embarrassed and thought that I had failed. I also felt I had lost my gift of running.  I quit cross country and always had a negative thoughts about myself and running.As I look back on this time of my life I realized that my running time was actually getting faster and I was growing into my ability to run cross country.  I allowed someone else’s perspective of me to push me out of a sport that I truly loved.The tactic of motivating me with comparisons is really hard for me, because I don’t like to be compared to others.  In fact, when you try to use the motivation tactic of comparing me with another person it shuts me down.  I do well when my strengths are highlighted and I am praised for my efforts.When I started doTERRA I felt that heavy weight of being compared to others come back on my shoulders.  There were so many wonderful leaders at the time I was starting to build my business with doTERRA.  One of the motivational tools being used for me by my leaders was a comparison to other people.  They would say “This person started the same time you did and they have already hit this rank.”  I started to feel embarrassed and feel like a failure.  I hadn’t realized until this time that the heavy weight feeling was not coming from my inability to succeed, but it was coming from this “motivation” of comparison.  I want to be important, and I want to be special regardless of how I am performing.  I was faced with the same dilemma in doTERRA that I was faced with in my high school cross country team.  I could let the comparison weight pull me down and make me quit, or I could find my own way of motivating myself and not give the comparing any weight in my life.  I had done the quitting before, and I NEVER wanted anyone else to rob me of my gifts and talents that I have been given because I wasn’t performing at the level they wanted me to.I had to work on building my own confidence and learning out who I was, so that I could motivate myself.  We can have inspiring people around us, but motivation cannot come from other people.  Motivation has to come from within.  If you don’t know how to get out of bed, or you don’t know how to find your passions, or you have been stripped of knowing your true self from years of different life experiences, you HAVE TO be able to learn the skills and GAIN THE CONFIDENCE to motivate yourself EVERYDAY!!  That is your RESPONSIBILITY.Start today by thinking about what has been motivating to you in the past.  Think about the life you want to create and how motivation comes into play in the life you are creating.  If running your own successful business is part of the life you want to create, contact me and let’s chat about how I can help.

Successful Business Women Are Doing This

Successful Business Women Are Doing This

When you think of a successful business woman what comes to mind?  I know I think of a woman standing in a boardroom in a power skirt, tight bun, and smart glasses.  That is until I started to be a business woman myself.  My whole perspective changed as to what a business woman is.  The thing that people aren’t mentioning is that 80% of women who are making $100,000 or more are working….FROM HOME!  Did you have to read that twice??  Aren’t those crazy stats to take in?  I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t in that 80% myself, but I can tell you it is a fact for many women in today.  Women have been able to work in all sorts of industries doing what they love, while still being in the home.  Let me tell you how this happened for me.Several years ago I was a professional esthetician and massage therapist at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  I loved being able to interact with my clients, learn more about the techniques and product, and of course be in such an amazing atmosphere.  The downside were the long hours, being on call 24/7, and having to be away from my family.  I rarely got to spend time with my husband, Steve, and it was really hard to get time off.  After having my first child the headache of trying to find a great babysitter while I was at work became too much.  Steve’s business was doing great at the time, so I decided to quit my job and stay at home with baby.A year later our whole life changed in an instant.  Steve’s business was taken away, our money was gone, and we literally didn’t know what we would do day to day.  I also happened to be 7 months pregnant with our second child.  This was such a terrifying time in our lives, and I still don’t know how we were able to survive.  But I honestly believe that through painful trials, sometimes great things blossom.  That is what happened with us.I had a friend that had introduced me to Essential oils and the doTERRA company.  I loved them so much for my kids and they were the first essential oils that didn’t give me an instant headache.  I had started using them at home and doing my own research to learn more about them.  They really made a difference to our family, so naturally I wanted to tell others about it.  I started working with doTERRA while I was staying at home with our son.  My friend Melyna was doing doTERRA and I thought it would be a great way to help out a friend and have a creative outlet.  It was easy and fun, and I really didn’t think of it as a business at all.  I just wanted others to know how I was naturally helping our family with everyday issues that all mom’s face.I didn’t have a big moment that made me feel like this could be my full time business.  BUT I did feel the momentum grow behind my passion for the oils and my ability to share with others.   I was able to share with friends how the oils had greatly helped my family, and they were becoming interested in using the products in their homes as well.  I started to teach more classes, and I even started sharing with the same spas that I used to work at.I started to view this hobby as a business and I made a commitment to work at it every day.  The work is tough and there were highs and lows.  I had one experience in particular that I had a really low time.  I was struggling with being an effective Mom and working. There have been times where I didn’t think I would be able to continue, but my passion and knowing WHY I wanted to share and continue my business has always helped me on my way. This past year my husband Steve was able to quit his full time job at a different company and come and work with me full-time.  This has been such an amazing thing for our family!!  The best part about BOTH of us being able to work from home has been the difference we have seen with our children.  It is amazing to be able to have both of us there to help out with the day to day of raising a family.If you are interested in learning more about how YOU can be one of the successful women in business who is working from home…contact me!  I would love to help you find your passions and strengths, and build a business.

Purpose Driven Home

Purpose Driven Home

How do you feel when you walk into your home?  Do you feel like you can relax and unwind from your day when you walk in the door?  Or do you feel like it is another thing to take care of?  Does it feel like it is always dirty with a load of things to be done?  How is living in your home affecting you?I was recently talking with a friend of mine who was doing her annual spring cleaning in her home.  We talked about how much “stuff” we all accumulate and how much better it feels when we are able to get rid of things and clean up.  It feels like you can actually breathe and relax in your own space.My friend told me, “Tracy after I am done with my spring cleaning I feel like my home isn’t just a storage space, but it is a home where my family can accomplish things.  We can have purpose and direction because we aren’t all consumed by the “stuff”.”I felt a spark of energy as she said this and I instantly said out loud, “A purpose driven home”.  A purpose driven home is a place where you and your family have a purpose and goals in mind. The things used in your home and around you  will help to achieve, accomplish, and motivate.The feeling to go and create this “purpose driven home” hit me hard and I instantly wanted to go straight home and tear my house apart!  I wanted to look in every nook and cranny and make sure that everything in my home was purpose driven for my family.  Driving home I remembered that I should probably get the rest of my family on board before I headed into their rooms armed with garbage bags and a determination to rid them of all non purpose driven items in their rooms.My friend let me borrow a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.  This is a MUST READ!!  In her book, Marie talks about the importance and surrounding yourself with things that have purpose, AND that bring you joy.  If there are items that don’t do that, it is probably time to get rid of them.

After reading this book and spending time in my home really thinking about what items my family and I have surrounded ourselves with I realized that many of the things in our home were consuming us, especially me and my husband who do the cleaning.  When I walked through the door I wasn’t feeling relaxed, comfortable, or even energized.  I would walk through the door and see my front room filled with decorations that didn’t bring either of us joy, and they needed to be cleaned once a week.  What was I thinking keeping these items?  It was time to get a game plan and create the purpose driven home that I wanted.Here are some tips to help you have a purpose driven home--Have gratitude for the space you are in.  It is so easy to say “If I had a bigger, better, home”, but this will not change the space that you are currently in.  Honestly look at the space and be grateful to have a place to sleep, to spend time as a family, and a place to create.-Get the whole family involved in the process.  Talk to everyone about what you want your home to look and feel like and what you want to accomplish as a family.  When I talked to my kids I asked them to pick up items that were theirs and ask “Does this bring me joy?  Does it have a purpose?”-Remember the two things PURPOSE AND JOY.  Pick up an item and think, what is the purpose of this item?  Does it bring us joy?  Simple as that.  Our kids had several items that they were struggling with trying to decide what to do.  I suggested that we take a picture of them with the item so that they could remember it.  This was a huge hit!  The kids ended up getting rid of more than I thought they would because they could have a picture to remember the item.This is a BIG job, but it can be done a little at a time, or in one whirlwind weekend.  It took us several weekends to get through our house top to bottom.  It was so worth the effort to do this for our family.  Our home no longer feels like a chore or another thing to take care of.  It feels like a space that our entire family can work together to create the life that we all want to be a part of.   I hope that you and your family will decide to create a purpose driven home.  Please share what works for you and how it has changed the way you live on my Facebook page.

7 Tips to Financial Freedom

7 Tips to Financial Freedom

July is a time for celebration!  We are surrounded by parties, parades, fireworks, BBQ’s, and festivals. July is all about celebrating our country, service men and women, and the freedoms that everyone in this great country has.  When you think about freedom in this country what do you think of?One of the freedoms that I am most grateful for is the freedom to create a business the way I want to and have financial freedom through this business.  Network marketing has been an amazing way for me to create the life that I want to have with my husband and kids.I love to show other people how they can create this financial freedom, and I want to share with you 7 tips to help you on your way to financial freedom through network marketing.Get to know the company. Every company is different and has a different pay structure, support team, vision, and goals.  Find a company that you think will work well for you, and get to know the history of the company.Pick who you want to work with. Network marketing companies have different teams or up lines.  These are people who have started the business before you and will help support you with your business.  I like to think of these people as mentors.  My mentor, Melyna happens to be one of my good friends.  She is the one who introduced me to doTERRA, and she has been such a support.  Make sure you are picking a mentor who is involved, supportive, and will help you create the type of business that you want.Educate yourself! In the beginning I started with doTERRA because I was looking for a natural way to help my family.  Essential oils were a great way for me to do this.  After using them personally I really wanted to start sharing what I had learned with others.  In contrast I have seen people start with network marketing trying to build a business and not getting to know the product!  You need to know the product you are promoting within your business.  Do some research, take some classes, and personally use the product.Be willing to share. Of course we all know that network marketing is about sharing with others.  Sharing the product and introducing it to others is part of the business.  But network marketing is also about sharing with other network marketers.  Be a joy to work with and be open to sharing what is working well for you.  Others will remember your sharing nature and return the favor.Know your “WHY”. Why do you want to create a business?  Do you have a financial need?  Do you have a passion for the product?  Are you helping out a friend?  Know your why and what is motivating you to succeed.  You will hit roadblocks and stagnant times in your business, and it is always helpful to remember your WHY.

Take care of your people. The people that you sign up tothis  join the business are known as your “down line”.  You will be their “up line” or mentor.  It is important to sign up people that you want to work with and mentor.  It will be THEIR business just like it is your own.  They will need guidance and direction, but mostly encouragement.  This is all about long term relationships that you are willing to train, support, and give guidance to.Treat it as a business. This is a business!!  So many times I see people get frustrated and fail because they see network marketing as a hobby.  Just like any business you need to take time to nurture and grown your business.   When I first started I would use my baby’s nap time to get a lot of my work done.  Work on your business every day.I hope that these 7 tips will help you be able to find a way to get closer to your financial freedom.  If you are interested in looking into doTERRA as a business and working with me as your mentor check out my website for more information.  I would love to get in touch with you, and help you find out your “WHY”.  Let’s all remember the freedoms that we have in this country and take advantage of the ability to find our way to a successful way of life.

Her Voice-Kelli Sukut

Her Voice – Kelli Sukut

I am so thrilled to be launching a new monthly blog feature called “Her Voice”. I am inspired daily by women who have found their passion and live it! I truly believe that you can’t live your passion without lifting up and encouraging those around you.I would like to introduce all of you to Kelli Sukut (Soo-Kit). Kelli owns her own business, and is giving natural health alternatives to people throughout the country. One of my favorite things about Kelli is how she is able to help parents find their voice in their child’s health care choices. I am excited for Kelli to tell you all about it in “Her Voice”….

Hi all! I am Kelli Sukut. I am so excited and humbled to be given the opportunity to share my story. I am a sometimes frazzled yet deeply fulfilled wife, a humbled beyond measure mama to 3 of the most alive-to-life kiddos on earth (biased much!?), a daughter to parents who have taught me how to love deeply and remain steadfast when life gets messy, and a friend to many but an entrusted soul partner to few. I’m a woman who seeks to find God’s smile, rest and guidance in the flowers of the fields, in the wind blowing and bustling through the pine trees surrounding my home, in an aching soul and in the needy brokenness of the world. And in the last year I have become a voice of freedom and empowerment to hundreds of people that have allowed me to invite them into my doTERRA family.Follow my journey in life and business @, on Facebook @ Essential Oils Everywhere and on Instagram @ kdsukutI have only been “doing” doTERRA for one year but I definitely have a “I should have started my business years ago” kind of story. I was exposed to the product through a pretty incredible woman who has a deep love for the integrity and mission of doTERRA. She encouraged me for a few years, along with most others around me, to share the product with the goal of providing financially for my family. Ummm – network marketing – no thanks. Not in a million years – I know how “those” people are.BUT THEN (don’t you just love when a story does that?!), we had a life-changing month using Cedarwood oil on my 5-year old son Levi, who has, without words, taught me immense bravery, joy and determination through his daily battles against Cerebral Palsy. The Cedarwood oil did more for his insanely tight legs in 3 short weeks than anything else we had tried. So through my tears of seeing what this single 13 dollar oil did for not only our son but our family and future, I knew in that moment that there was NO WAY I could keep my mouth closed. So I just jumped in, trusting that as I shared my passion coupled with these phenomenal products, something would happen. A short (yet long!) 14 months later I stand humbled and amazed that I have become a Gold leader within doTERRA and both Mike and I get to BOTH raise our kids, provide our son with the care that he needs, and teach others how to do the same. doTERRA changed our life and I get to stand back and watch it happen again, and again…. and again.You can read Levi’s full story about Cedarwood Click HERE or follow his progress HERE.

I would tell anyone considering doTERRA as a business that it doesn’t matter what your background is. If you love people and want to leave a footprint in this world while working towards a financial future that you can hardly even dream up – jump in. If I can do it you can do it!

I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons in the last year, I was about as ready to be a business owner and mentor as I was for running a 30-mile marathon… AKA I had a readiness score of ZERO. Here’s the life of Kelli Sukut at this time last year, in a nutshell: I was a people pleaser to a fault, terrified of conflict (I once ran away from a conflict… literally… ran… away), wore my very sensitive heart on my sleeve for anyone to treat it as they pleased, and in the midst of all of that I had 3 children under the age of 5 PLUS when I started my doTERRA business my marriage was… well… quite the mess.

Was I a beacon of light and motivation to women all around me? Far from it. Was I drawing in people who wanted to build a business with me because I was emulating success and confidence? Nope.

I have learned that the only way I can empower, inspire and motivate people around me is to find it important enough to become a whole, healthy and healed person in my own life. doTERRA has been the vehicle that has pushed me (some days it was more of a violent shove!) to grow into the woman I was created to be SO THAT I can turn around and partner with others, imparting genuine inspiration and motivation. Once I dedicated time to working on myself, doors opened up with women that I am BEYOND excited to work with. Prior to the changes I made in my own life there was no room for anyone to inspire 🙂

The roadblocks on this journey have been deep and wide but I can honestly narrow it down to 2 major obstacles. Not knowing who I was and not operating out of my strengths. I was always looking at successful women and then trying to be more like them, and each time I would fail. Because I believed so deeply in this path I tried to be a lot of different women and failed a lot. I was left feeling like I would never be able to create a thriving business let alone develop others to do the same. BUT THEN, my amazing mentor and dear friend Tracy Lyman told me about a book called Strengths Finder 2.0, and because I love my Amazon Prime membership, I had that book two days later. Two hours after opening it I had completed it along with the online assessment. When I finished the book I had clarity on a level that I’d began assuming was never possible. I knew WHO I WAS!! I am my absolute best when I’m operating out of empathy, harmony, connectedness, including and developing. No wonder I couldn’t be like those other phenomenal speakers who were moving and shaking up women everywhere – that’s not my strength!! But can I build a thriving business and unfathomable future with my top 5 strengths? You Bet Ya!! In my own authentic way, and in a manner that feels completely genuine and beautiful to anyone that I work with… I can, will and AM overcoming my roadblocks and extending invitations to anyone else who’s interested in joining me. doTERRA isn’t about oils… it’s about freedom in ways that extend FAR beyond healthcare.

I am excited to talk about some women that have influenced me. First and foremost I wouldn’t be where I am today without the unwavering support, timely advice, mad listening skills, challenging questions, appreciated investment, problem solving and sometimes mess-fixing LOVE of Tracy Lyman. You have changed my life and my heart, I can’t put into words what you and Steve mean to me.Also I have to offer a HUGE thank you to Brianne Hovey who has shown me how to dream big, how to jump and expect a net, and how to feel like I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. When I’m around you I feel like I can (and will!) conquer the world!!Lastly to Betsy Holmes (who I don’t actually have a relationship with yet – wait does following on Facebook count?!)… when I look at what you have done with the immense success you’ve experienced with doTERRA I can see my dreams take shape. You inspire me to work my butt off so I can change the lives of broken-hearted people who are hidden from our culture in the dark places of this Earth. So thank you for serving and giving so abundantly, it helps me see that the heart that God hand-crafted in my chest to serve forgotten and suffering souls will one day be possible through doTERRA.My advice to anyone who struggles with achieving their dreams (or heck – if you aren’t living the best life possible during the day-to-day craziness of kids, errands, jobs and relationships)… take the strengths finder assessment and start embracing who you were created to be. Incorporate that into your relationships, business and philosophies and just look at the profound transformation in your joy and quality of life. If you want to learn how to be a leader using your strengths I highly suggest picking up Strength Based Leadership written by the same authors. It’s life changing stuff your guys – I’m here to tell you!!  I hope that I have encouraged you in some way today. -KelliRemember to link up with Kelli @, on Facebook @ Essential Oils Everywhere and on Instagram @ kdsukut.I am so grateful that Kelli would allow me to feature her this month. I loved what she said about not trying to be someone else. We all have to find our individual selves, passions, and strengths.  When we can do that, amazing things can happen!