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This is the Energy that you’ll be a part of. 

The conscious work that you’re missing out on knowing you NEED to do is blocked by the energy that the subconscious is holding on to. The way to remove it? Move it. Clear it. Clearing is the conscious work that moves you beyond your current state into your ultimate desired states. 

Meditation is  Movement

Growth is Movement.

Schedules are Movement.

The work, is, Movement.

Let’s Move. 

The Quadrants

A Moxie focuses on 4 Cycles of Movement. Each cycle is a quadrant of perception versus your reality, and what & where you focus your energy on, becomes what you desire it to be. The season that you’re in currently has a great effect on your outcome in the Moxie Movement, but all are welcome. 

My roles as your Guide, is to journey with you in cycling through each quadrant in the season that you’re in, constantly nourishing with love & compassion.

By creating a routine, practicing the Rituals that become a part of your routine  you can progress and Cycle through each Quadrant for ultimate growth & movement of your life. 

  • Heart

    The constant pull you feel to do better, to have more, does not come from the brain, it comes from your SOUL. I’ll show you how to harness the energy found there to turn your bullsh*t into blooms,

  • Mind

    What you FEED your mind is JUST as important as what you feed your body. I’ll show the ways to support & uplift this powerful processor so that it works WITH you, not against you.

  • Money

    A long held taboo. An institution of worth & value all related down to finite dollars, cents & decimals. Whatever your exists lie with it, we'll work through ways to empower yourself with & without traditional moolah.

  • Relationships

    Not existing solely with others, the way you relate to the world around you, as well as yourself could be causing a spiral of other issues, that you deem to be out of your control, but our practice can show you HOW to bring what you can control into your power.


This program is a life-changing undertaking. The physical work required of you is to show up to our Guided calls, follow-up with your Rituals, and create new, positive Movement & momentum in your life.

 If you can promise the below to me, but more importantly, yourself, I’d love to speak with you ASAP.  

Are you?

Who this program is not for...

Unfortunately, not every applicant can be accepted into this loving, future-forward group of powerful people who are consciously choosing to seek guidance for their unconscious behaviors. In my effort to keep this community strong & uplifted, moving towards BIG goals, I have to be the protector of positivity.

If you’re not ready to say “Hell Yes” to any of the above qualifiers, this program might not be right for you, right now. However, I am well aware that you could be having a bad day. Which means you might need this program even more. Please, still apply, and I’ll be in touch. 

Join the Movement.

A short, easy to follow, guided interview process sets you off on the course as to whether or not we’re a fit. Consider this your first piece of advice from me, your new guide… just sign up and see where this takes you. 

My promise to you.

I know you can feel it. The longing. The desire to feel differently. The call to figure something else out because everything else you’ve tried isn’t working.

You aren’t a failure for needing assistance. You have been lead to believe that others who are achieving great things typically have a great team of people around them. Why are you trying to carry this all on your own?

The work that we will do together does not have a checklist. I ask that you show up. In return, I promise that you will not be in the work alone ever again, if you choose not to. 

What drew you hear today? Was it hope? Was it the chance of an answer? And what will keep you from saying YES to what could just be the missing key for you? Will it that voice, deep inside, that you often silence because of fear, of the unknown or of what others will think?  

For me, when I needed it, I could clearly hear & feel that I needed something next-level. It whispered to me for so long that eventually it became a SHOUT, a glaring reminder that I should have always trusted my spirit. My intuition. That non-physical presence that is the source of my unlimited power, I just had to heal myself enough to turn around & meet it. 

If you are like me, you inner guidance system was never wrong, you just thought you knew the route better…

Whatever you call it…Spirit, God, The Universe. Something brought you here. Let me come along with you in create a vocabulary around your internal system so that  that you can name those feelings of not knowing, and utilize the feeling of asuradeness that you body & emotions & energy are aligned with getting you what you truly desire.

Guidance brought you here. Something bigger but not seen. I’m asking you to claim your direction, with me, and let’s go on this journey together. 

Let me introduce you to the version of your higher self so few get to meet. Let me undue fearful beliefs & assist you in living your BEST life with a clear purpose. 

You & I can co-create of your ideal life. 

You know you can feel better, do more, have more, be more— but you don’t know where to begin?

Let me help you get started. 

with heart,
Tracy Lyman


Just a quick, easy-to-follow guided interview process 

is all that separates you now. 

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