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Live Well : Our Essential Oils Story


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Life has a way of taking you where you need to go, not always where you want to go.Tracy Lyman began her career at 21 after graduating from massage school and was immediately recruited to work in VIP Services at the The Bellagio in Las Vegas. With a passion for massage and body work, Tracy was sought out by some of the most elite clients in the world, and of course making a really good living. After a few years, Tracy was offered a full-ride scholarship after a few years to retrain as an Esthetician and a position at the company’s newer, bigger, better spa. As a young woman, Tracy already owned her own home and was well-established as a leader in her field.

From the outside, it appeared that Tracy had it all, but after reflecting and looking inward, she realized that the energy she once thrived on at the spa was draining her.

What she desired the most was having a family and healthy relationship at home. Inside she was enduring heartache, disappointment and loss on an unsustainable level.

Sometimes the most challenging times in our lives point us in a new direction. Desiring a more healthy way of living from the inside out, and possibly because of her inherently rebellious nature, Tracy did the unthinkable. She quit.

She found a new focus: building a life and career she loved and was passionate about.

The universe conspires in your favor when you are true to your heart and when you are honest about what you desire. Working with her family, for her family, Tracy has found that they have been happier, healthier, and more financially successful than ever.

If you would like to share in this passionate, heart-based business and experience the financial benefits we have seen, please get in touch and you can start your new life today.

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