Massive Action Needed

Recently I was sitting in a restaurant and heard two women talking about the best way to approach men.  One of the women was encouraging the other to get the courage to just go up and strike up a conversation.  The shy woman said, "I can't do that.  What if he doesn't want to talk to me?  What if he is married or in a relationship?"  Her friend said, "Sometimes it takes a few seconds of insane courage, and you never might change your life."

This isn't my first time hearing that sometimes it takes a few seconds of insane courage, but it got me thinking about my own life.  I am a bold person who is willing to take risks, seize a new opportunity, and go into uncharted territory.  But this year my life needed some massive action to be taken.

My husband, Steve and I decided that to take our business to the next level we were going to move our family across country to a new area.  We would be taking our family from family, neighbors, and a school that we all loved, and going to an area that we had never even visited before.

To make the decision to move was one of those, "few seconds of courage" moments.  We were both excited for the new adventure and the opportunities that lay ahead, but then reality of the move set in.  I started to make a list of everything that needed to be done for us to move.  Instantly I felt the insane courage drain from me, and I became overwhelmed.

After a couple of days of stress I realized "We got this!  Massive Action is needed sometimes to have massive results."  I am a huge believer that you can create the life that you want to live.  You can create this life by being willing to take the steps necessary.  If you want to be a bodybuilder, and you are currently eating fast food 3 meals a day and not working out, then you have some massive action that needs to be taken.  Are you willing to do it?

There are a couple of tips I have to help you be able to take massive action steps in your own life.

-Think about the benefits in taking those steps and write them down.
Being able to write down how are lives would benefit from the move was awesome for me because when I would doubt if this was a good choice, I would go back and look at the list.  I would gain my confidence in our decision again and be able to move forward.

-Make a vision board of what your life could be if you accomplish the massive action
I love visuals and I love being able to see what we are making of our lives by taking massive action, both professionally and personally.

-Break it down into small steps that can be accomplished in a timely manner.
I took our decision to move and broke it down into steps that could be accomplished.  Some of them took a couple of minutes, and some took more than a month.  At the end of each week Steve and I could look at our list of small steps that we accomplished and could see that we both got a lot done!

-Be willing to adjust when things don't work out exactly as you planned.
Sometimes when things don't work out exactly like we plan, we feel like a failure and give up. Keep going!  You never know when something better is just around the corner.  We had a hard time finding a place to live.  We talked to a lot of people are really tried to find the best home for our family.  We thought we had the perfect house and I was so excited about it.  When it fell through I felt ready to call the whole thing off.  But in the last week before the move, a house became available that has proven to be perfect for our family.

-Ask for help, and be willing to accept help when it is offered.
Massive action steps don't have to be taken alone.  Ask for help when you need it, and if it is something that you truly need to do alone, ask for support and encouragement.  Most people in your life are rooting for you to succeed, use it to your advantage.

I hope that you can take that few seconds of insane courage and turn it into massive action steps that will enable you to create the life you want to live.

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