Motivate Yourself!

In high school I ran cross country for my high school, and I was really good at it!  I was the star of the team my freshman and sophomore year, but then something interesting happened my junior year.  Some younger girls were on the team and our coach started to compare us all to each other.  This was his way of motivating the team to try harder.  We would come in from a run and he would say, “Tracy I can’t believe you let a freshman pass you.”   This was crushing to me, and I felt a heavy weight come over me every time he would compare me to other girls.  I became embarrassed and thought that I had failed. I also felt I had lost my gift of running.  I quit cross country and always had a negative thoughts about myself and running.

As I look back on this time of my life I realized that my running time was actually getting faster and I was growing into my ability to run cross country.  I allowed someone else’s perspective of me to push me out of a sport that I truly loved.

The tactic of motivating me with comparisons is really hard for me, because I don’t like to be compared to others.  In fact, when you try to use the motivation tactic of comparing me with another person it shuts me down.  I do well when my strengths are highlighted and I am praised for my efforts.

When I started doTERRA I felt that heavy weight of being compared to others come back on my shoulders.  There were so many wonderful leaders at the time I was starting to build my business with doTERRA.  One of the motivational tools being used for me by my leaders was a comparison to other people.  They would say “This person started the same time you did and they have already hit this rank.”  I started to feel embarrassed and feel like a failure.  I hadn’t realized until this time that the heavy weight feeling was not coming from my inability to succeed, but it was coming from this “motivation” of comparison.  I want to be important, and I want to be special regardless of how I am performing.  

I was faced with the same dilemma in doTERRA that I was faced with in my high school cross country team.  I could let the comparison weight pull me down and make me quit, or I could find my own way of motivating myself and not give the comparing any weight in my life.  I had done the quitting before, and I NEVER wanted anyone else to rob me of my gifts and talents that I have been given because I wasn’t performing at the level they wanted me to.

I had to work on building my own confidence and learning out who I was, so that I could motivate myself.  We can have inspiring people around us, but motivation cannot come from other people.  Motivation has to come from within.  If you don’t know how to get out of bed, or you don’t know how to find your passions, or you have been stripped of knowing your true self from years of different life experiences, you HAVE TO be able to learn the skills and GAIN THE CONFIDENCE to motivate yourself EVERYDAY!!  That is your RESPONSIBILITY.

Start today by thinking about what has been motivating to you in the past.  Think about the life you want to create and how motivation comes into play in the life you are creating.  If running your own successful business is part of the life you want to create, contact me and let’s chat about how I can help.

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