Purpose Driven Home

How do you feel when you walk into your home?  Do you feel like you can relax and unwind from your day when you walk in the door?  Or do you feel like it is another thing to take care of?  Does it feel like it is always dirty with a load of things to be done?  How is living in your home affecting you?I was recently talking with a friend of mine who was doing her annual spring cleaning in her home.  We talked about how much “stuff” we all accumulate and how much better it feels when we are able to get rid of things and clean up.  It feels like you can actually breathe and relax in your own space.My friend told me, “Tracy after I am done with my spring cleaning I feel like my home isn’t just a storage space, but it is a home where my family can accomplish things.  We can have purpose and direction because we aren’t all consumed by the “stuff”.”I felt a spark of energy as she said this and I instantly said out loud, “A purpose driven home”.  A purpose driven home is a place where you and your family have a purpose and goals in mind. The things used in your home and around you  will help to achieve, accomplish, and motivate.The feeling to go and create this “purpose driven home” hit me hard and I instantly wanted to go straight home and tear my house apart!  I wanted to look in every nook and cranny and make sure that everything in my home was purpose driven for my family.  Driving home I remembered that I should probably get the rest of my family on board before I headed into their rooms armed with garbage bags and a determination to rid them of all non purpose driven items in their rooms.My friend let me borrow a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.  This is a MUST READ!!  In her book, Marie talks about the importance and surrounding yourself with things that have purpose, AND that bring you joy.  If there are items that don’t do that, it is probably time to get rid of them.

After reading this book and spending time in my home really thinking about what items my family and I have surrounded ourselves with I realized that many of the things in our home were consuming us, especially me and my husband who do the cleaning.  When I walked through the door I wasn’t feeling relaxed, comfortable, or even energized.  I would walk through the door and see my front room filled with decorations that didn’t bring either of us joy, and they needed to be cleaned once a week.  What was I thinking keeping these items?  It was time to get a game plan and create the purpose driven home that I wanted.Here are some tips to help you have a purpose driven home--Have gratitude for the space you are in.  It is so easy to say “If I had a bigger, better, home”, but this will not change the space that you are currently in.  Honestly look at the space and be grateful to have a place to sleep, to spend time as a family, and a place to create.-Get the whole family involved in the process.  Talk to everyone about what you want your home to look and feel like and what you want to accomplish as a family.  When I talked to my kids I asked them to pick up items that were theirs and ask “Does this bring me joy?  Does it have a purpose?”-Remember the two things PURPOSE AND JOY.  Pick up an item and think, what is the purpose of this item?  Does it bring us joy?  Simple as that.  Our kids had several items that they were struggling with trying to decide what to do.  I suggested that we take a picture of them with the item so that they could remember it.  This was a huge hit!  The kids ended up getting rid of more than I thought they would because they could have a picture to remember the item.This is a BIG job, but it can be done a little at a time, or in one whirlwind weekend.  It took us several weekends to get through our house top to bottom.  It was so worth the effort to do this for our family.  Our home no longer feels like a chore or another thing to take care of.  It feels like a space that our entire family can work together to create the life that we all want to be a part of.   I hope that you and your family will decide to create a purpose driven home.  Please share what works for you and how it has changed the way you live on my Facebook page.

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