Successful Business Women Are Doing This

When you think of a successful business woman what comes to mind?  I know I think of a woman standing in a boardroom in a power skirt, tight bun, and smart glasses.  That is until I started to be a business woman myself.  My whole perspective changed as to what a business woman is.  The thing that people aren’t mentioning is that 80% of women who are making $100,000 or more are working….FROM HOME!  Did you have to read that twice??  Aren’t those crazy stats to take in?  I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t in that 80% myself, but I can tell you it is a fact for many women in today.  Women have been able to work in all sorts of industries doing what they love, while still being in the home.  Let me tell you how this happened for me.

Several years ago I was a professional esthetician and massage therapist at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  I loved being able to interact with my clients, learn more about the techniques and product, and of course be in such an amazing atmosphere.  The downside were the long hours, being on call 24/7, and having to be away from my family.  I rarely got to spend time with my husband, Steve, and it was really hard to get time off.  After having my first child the headache of trying to find a great babysitter while I was at work became too much.  Steve’s business was doing great at the time, so I decided to quit my job and stay at home with baby.

A year later our whole life changed in an instant.  Steve’s business was taken away, our money was gone, and we literally didn’t know what we would do day to day.  I also happened to be 7 months pregnant with our second child.  This was such a terrifying time in our lives, and I still don’t know how we were able to survive.  But I honestly believe that through painful trials, sometimes great things blossom.  That is what happened with us.

I had a friend that had introduced me to Essential oils and the doTERRA company.  I loved them so much for my kids and they were the first essential oils that didn’t give me an instant headache.  I had started using them at home and doing my own research to learn more about them.  They really made a difference to our family, so naturally I wanted to tell others about it.  I started working with doTERRA while I was staying at home with our son.  My friend Melyna was doing doTERRA and I thought it would be a great way to help out a friend and have a creative outlet.  It was easy and fun, and I really didn’t think of it as a business at all.  I just wanted others to know how I was naturally helping our family with everyday issues that all mom’s face.

I didn’t have a big moment that made me feel like this could be my full time business.  BUT I did feel the momentum grow behind my passion for the oils and my ability to share with others.   I was able to share with friends how the oils had greatly helped my family, and they were becoming interested in using the products in their homes as well.  I started to teach more classes, and I even started sharing with the same spas that I used to work at.

I started to view this hobby as a business and I made a commitment to work at it every day.  The work is tough and there were highs and lows.  I had one experience in particular that I had a really low time.  I was struggling with being an effective Mom and working. There have been times where I didn’t think I would be able to continue, but my passion and knowing WHY I wanted to share and continue my business has always helped me on my way. This past year my husband Steve was able to quit his full time job at a different company and come and work with me full-time.  This has been such an amazing thing for our family!!  The best part about BOTH of us being able to work from home has been the difference we have seen with our children.  It is amazing to be able to have both of us there to help out with the day to day of raising a family.

If you are interested in learning more about how YOU can be one of the successful women in business who is working from me!  I would love to help you find your passions and strengths, and build a business.

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